Apparently yes, it is the weather.  Or at least it can be.  When we don't see the sun for days and couple that with rain for days, like we've had for the better portion of October, people tend to feel a bit down, bored, tired and even a bit depressed.


Experts do suggest that people try and sit in a well lighted room, or get some other sort of light therapy.  Now, they don't actually come out and say that you should go to a tanning bed. But it does seem like that would be the trick in order to get some vitamin D and also some light therapy.  Can you get Vitamin D from artificial light?

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According to the weather people, the change in weather pattern should be happening soon.  Like we may actually see some sun in the next few days or so.  I hope this isn't the pattern for the Winter.  Can you imagine if this was snow that we were experiencing?  That would be horrible!

Think Spring!  (we just skipped right over Fall)