A number of beers will be unavailable at your local grocery or convenience store in the near future. It's all on account of Minnesota is the last state that sells 3.2 beer. Seems the rest of the country has given in and allowed consumers to get the "real" thing at grocery and convenience stores.

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After May 31st, there will be fewer options in 3.2 beer. Miller lite, Coors Light and Blue Moon will no longer be producing 3.2 beer. Molson/Coors says that since the other states, that once had a similar law to Minnesota's, have changed theirs, that resulted in the company sales of 3.2 beer falling off 98%.  Can't really blame the beer makers. Business is business.

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Actually, there isn't much difference between 3.2 and strong beer which is about 5.5% alcohol.  One is by volume and the other is by weight.  A former beer executive once told me that the difference is very minimal. He told me 13 cans of 3.2 beer was about equal to a 12 pack of strong beer.

In a Tweet from March from Minority leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Kurt Daudt, "Molson/Coors has announced they are pulling the plug on 3.2% production nationwide. It's time to pass my bill and allow convenience stores to sell beer Minnesotans want to buy."

Those opposed to changing the law are the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association and Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association saying that changing the law would harm liquor store business in Minnesota.  According to the Star Tribune, the groups claim a law change “have serious repercussions for consumers and communities.”

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