Well,what else could I play in The Attic that would be as fitting as "Stormy Monday" recorded live at the Fillmore East. The guitar solo in this tune is one of my favorites. In fact, I believe this album to be one of the best live albums every recorded. Even Gregg Allman said that the entire band was firing on all cylinders that night at the Fillmore. With the sucky weather outside, it might be the perfect day to throw on the headphones and enjoy some great music.I bet when I bought this album back in the early 70's, I must have listened to it a thousand times and even today it never gets old. I had it on album, cassette tape and 8 track tape (kid's, have your parents explain what those things are).  Anyway, so happy I had a good excuse to play this tune in The Attic this morning. Too bad that reason had to be sucky weather.

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