There was a survey taken that was asking what people would want as a work perk/bonus.  Now these are not things that people are necessarily getting at other jobs, they are things that people fantasize about having.  I suppose some could actually be real, but mostly not.


People have figured out that work, on average, takes up about 42% of a person's life. So, since that is almost half of your life, wouldn't you like to have some kind of perk from that?  My thing, even though we don't have to worry about that here, at the radio station, is a very strict dress code.  Like if you work somewhere that requires you to wear a suit and tie for a male and maybe 3 pieces for a female. That means a skirt, shirt and a vest or jacket, or pants, shirt and a jacket or vest.  If that is the case, it would be nice to have some sort of clothing allowance.  Especially if the job you just got was right out of college and you have all those student loans and such.  Plus, it could be entry level, and you are trying to make ends meet and now you have to buy a new wardrobe  for work.  Clothes, especially business attire can be very pricey.


Some of the other perks people mentioned wanting was a holiday bonus, Birthday off as an added vacation day, discounts at restaurants, cafes, and on certain holidays.  Free medical checks.  But- some insurance companies do that anyway.

What would you want?