Growing up we flew everywhere as a family.  Except one trip that we took out to see Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills, Yellowstone, etc.  That one we drove some big ol' RV and everyone was fighting and arguing about something or other throughout the drive. Drove my parents nuts.  This might be why I just don't generally have the patience to drive to any of my vacation destinations within the continental US.


But now, with the way the cost of flying is on the rise, with baggage fees, upgrade fees, general ticket fees, everyone seems to get nickle and dimed all the way to the flight.  Then, while you are on the flight, many times the service is less than desirable.  Three out of four people are choosing to drive.

I, myself, I will "suffer" to have a shorter time to my destination than to drive and "waste" the time getting to my vacation destination.  The only exception being if the vacation is actually the drive.  Like that's the whole idea.  Not just going to Disney World, or something, like making plans to see everything along the way, and taking time to do so.  Then, I think driving is the way to go.

So, with the increased cost, do you choose mostly to fly or drive?  Unless of course, you HAVE to fly....