Quarantined.  It's been a lot of togetherness through this. Sometimes too much.  But have you actually been able to "check in" with eachother?  Have you been able to have a "date night"?  Probably not. Kids, distance learning, hanging out in sweats and possibly working at home, or just stuck there hours, days, and now weeks on end.  Can you make this better?  Maybe.

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Might be time to set the kids up in front of the TV with some fun movies to keep them occupied for a bit.  Or, after they go to bed.... set this up.  It's time to make some dinner for yourselves.  Just the two of you.  Maybe even get out of those "comfy" clothes and get cleaned up.  Feel good for at least a day.  I know you aren't going anywhere, but its the idea.  Let's create some ambiance here.

Foods that are fun to cook together... and are even kind of romantic.  80% of Americans say being with someone who knows how to cook is a turn on.  I say cooking together is better.  Some ideas:

Whatever you decide to do during this quarantine, try to do some things that you wouldn't normally do, or add a different twist to an old favorite.  But we all need to make the best out of this situation...plus trying new things when possible.

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