This is so cute.  Obviously this kid has had someone in his life playing this music almost ALL of the time that he's been in the car.  Also- we know that kids are absolute sponges and will catch on to almost anything immediately.  But it's super cute to see this little guy singing along... he knows all the words.

Sometimes I wish there had been video this easy to take when I was a kid, and not have to bust out the giant, put it on your shoulder, camera in order to take a video.  Now that you can just quickly do this on your phone kids videos are so cute.  Would have been super cool back in the day.  Although, if you were the kid, some of those shots would have been super embarrassing later in life.  Like at your wedding when they do the "video of the two of you" growing up and such.

Just one of those things to enjoy for the day....

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