Finally!  We get to give every Free Beer Friday a cool t-shirt again.  We got a new batch of t-shirts in, and they have a new and improved design on them as well.  Everyone loves Free Beer Friday... and why not?  It's like a holiday once a week.

Listen every hour between the hours of 9am and 5pm- if you hear the Loon hiccup or belching Loon sound, be caller number ten and we will set you up with a case of beer from Coborn's Liquor and a spanky new Loon Free Beer Friday t-shirt.  Sometimes we throw in some other cool stuff too.  This week all Free Beer Friday winners will also get a pitcher of beer from Neighbors Route 75 in St. Joe.  You do need to use that within 7 days of winning... so please pick up your prize at the Loon studios as soon as possible.


Good Luck to everyone today... it's not just ANY Friday, It's FREE BEER FRIDAY!  No one gives you more beer than the Loon.  We have been doing this for almost 20 years.  That is A LOT of beer!!


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