So, I'm not so sure that these are going to be good... but anything has to be better than the hazelnut ones from a few months ago.  Those things were gross.  I bought a bag for my husband, being that I don't really like hazelnut anything.  He loves it..., normally.  Even he didn't like those things.  They went right into the garbage, after my nephew ate what he wanted from the bag, that is.

7. M&Ms

Now, there's fudge brownie M&Ms.  Or at least there will be "soon".  They say fall or sooner on the Instagram acct Junkfoodleaks.  I'm not sure what that means, but maybe by Halloween?

The description sounds pretty tempting, I will admit.

Not sure if these things are going to stick around, or if they are just there for a few months.  But they kind of remind me of the peanut butter ones... I do like those, so I'll give these a go and see what I think, when they are available.


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