A dollar ninety nine, Jack!  A dollar ninety nine!  That's what the price is in St. Cloud right now.  That is the lowest price in the entire state! Time to maybe stock up on that price if you can.

New Study Documents Consumer Behavior When Gas Prices Fall
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It's my personal opinion that there was no reason for us to be up near $4 a gallon like we were a few years ago.  Those were crazy prices and no one wanted to drive anywhere.  Everyone taking stay-cations.  On the up side traffic wasn't too bad.  Now, with gas so much lower, there is a ton of traffic on the road AND in the air.  Lot's of people traveling places and taking advantage of the lower cost.

How long will this last?  Who knows.  But I feel like we should see airline costs go down as well, right?  Time to boost that travel for the coming months when people want to go somewhere a bit warmer during the long winter we generally experience here in Central Minnesota.

So- cheers to saving a bit of money on gas....for now.

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