Whether you agree with this or not, I'm not sure what the reason is to do this sort of vandalism.  Go ahead and not agree with the shrine/mural,  go ahead and be bothered by it, go ahead and not agree with why it's there, but there is really no reason to actually go and actively vandalize something like this just because it doesn't go along  with your beliefs.

George Floyd's Brother Holds Prayer Vigil At Memorial Site
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I never will understand why people will go to the lengths that they sometimes  go to.  Why waste your energy on something like that?  Why not just avoid it?  Why not just move past it?  Why let it affect your life like this?  To actually take the time to do something like this absolutely escapes  me.

There are a few murals/shrines like this one in several areas around the U.S. This one happens to be right in front of Cup Foods where the incident happened.  It's the original place for the George Floyd mural and shrine.  It's been there since late May.

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There was a Facebook post that showed the vandalism on the mural.  It says an expletive along with a Governor Walz mention along with Satan.  I would post that.. .but it's pretty bad.  And from this post it sounds like the person who did it was disappointed that  there wasn't more of an engagement  with him regarding this message.  Obviously looking for attention.  The police were not called.  There are people who sort of "guard" it on a regular basis, and they said that they stress "people over property".

There are plans to restore the mural just as it was the last time this happened.  My question is, are they going to have to guard this thing forever?

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