Wow, if you haven't downloaded our cooler than cool LOON app, now is the time.

key chain

Here's the deal, the first 300 listeners to download the LOON app will receive a cool Loon key chain just for downloading our highly useful Loon app.

This key chain is made from the finest key chain material. It has multiple uses such as, a bottle opener. Who doesn't need one of those, right?  It can also be used as a bookmark, a ball marker if you are a golfer.. Maybe hang it on a chain around your neck for a unique piece of jewelry. Or, for the conventional Loon listener, just use it as a key chain.,Brilliant, right?  And, that's not Get a Cool LOON Key Chain Just for Downloading Our Appall, it's guaranteed for life, or we'll replace it for free.

All you have to do is download the Loon app and be one of the first 300 listeners to , come into the studios at 640 Lincoln Ave, SE in St Cloud show our receptionist that you have downloaded the Loon app and she will award you one of these coveted Loon key chains.

Wow, so easy and rewarding at the same time. Do it today and know that if you accomplished nothing else today, you accomplished this.


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