This sounds like a dream job, right?  You get to eat ribs, travel all over the country, and you get paid too!  $5000 a week is not too shabby.

David Smith/Thinkstock

Reynolds Wrap is looking for someone to travel across the United States in search of the tastiest ribs. If the savory barbeque wasn’t enough, they’re also handing out a $10,000 check to go along with it.

Apparently it's just a 2 week gig, but it sounds pretty good to me.  You could still keep your regular job, if you have enough vacation, get paid from that AND collect the $10,000K as well.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

There has to be a catch... .but to be perfectly honest, I can't find one.  Here's what you need to do to apply...

Those interested in applying need to submit a photo of themselves grilling along with 100 words about why they would be the best fit for the position. Apply by Wednesday, June 19, at midnight CT on the Reynolds Wrap website.

Try it... see what happens.  You really have nothing to lose, right?

Happy rib eating!