Yes, it 's cold, and yes, I'm looking towards Summer.  Cuz, let's admit this, after the holidays, I'm ready for Summer.  Bring it on!  Mostly because I don't like having to warm up the car, driving in the snow, and just having to wear a big winter coat to just take the dog out in the morning.  And who doesn't like to leave the windows open and let some fresh air in every so often?


So, that brings me to Summer activities.  The Minnesota State Fair.  Considered one of the best fairs in the country.  Hey, we have that going for us.  This year the price is going up a tad.  The reason is that they are investing $20 million into improvement and maintenance projects.  They are also adding a new exhibition complex at the North end of the fairgrounds.

(Photo: Minnesota State Fair)

Admission is going up by just a dollar for both pre-sale and regular admission.  BUT if you buy your tickets this week-before February 1, you will save that dollar.  So, order now.