And I stand by that gross assessment without even trying them.  I am usually the one who will try stuff before I decide if it's gross or not,  Not one of those people who says that they don't like something before they have even tried it or smelled it, or even gotten a glimpse of it.  But this deal... not gonna happen.

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Here is how they are described:

Beginning next week, the treat maker will be rolling out Moonberry Twinkies, a dark blue — nearly black — cake filled with the signature white Twinkies cream filling. Though the cake appears vastly different, it's simply colored different than it's vanilla counterpart.

The big change comes in the cream, which has taken on a "moonberry" flavor. As per one Hostess spokesperson (via People), that means a mixture of most berries available on Earth. The snacks won't be available everywhere as they're being in launched in an exclusive partnership with Walmart. The treats will be available starting next week at the big box store for $2.97 for a ten pack. As with most signature treats like this, they're only available for a limited time...

I talked to a couple of other people here in the building and they agreed with me.  BUT we do have one person who will definitely try it.  She tries everything.  So, stay tuned for her review.,.. which I'm sure will include a "this is way too sweet" assessment.

Carry on.  They are available later this week, not next week as it states above, if you're interested.