Flagler County Sheriff Dept

I'm not sure what the hell is going on in Florida. It seems just about every crazy story I read is coming out of Florida, where the state bird is a Cessna 150 flying under radar. I lived there for several years and blame any brain damage I may have on my time there. Maybe there's something in the water.

Police in Bunnell, Florida were called to a Authur Carracino's home on a "call for service".  When police arrived they found Authur smoking pot and speaking erratically. He eventually led deputies to his two-foot tall pot plant that he said he had grown himself.

The deputies inquired as to whether Authur had a medical marijuana card?  he replied "Yeah, yeah I do. I'm working on it".  He then went on to say "It's in the f---ing house. Come on guys, let's talk".

While walking toward the house Auther told deputies "You've got to smoke a bowl with me". Deputies arrested Authur on charges of producing marijuana. After being put in the patrol car Authur told the deputies "I need a cup of Starbucks. Anywhere local we can get one?".

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