I know it's only August.  But Halloween decorations are all over in the stores.  I have seen them at Costco, and other places that sell Halloween decorations and costumes.  Made me start thinking about what is that holiday going to look like this year with all of this COVID stuff.  Maybe it will be better by then?  But I've been saying that for the last few months and it isn't really all that different.  Remember back in March when it was just going to be for a few weeks?  Yeah... we know how that turned out.


I checked out Molitors Haunted Acres.  So far, they are planning on going on with the Haunted attractions that they have.  It might be a bit different, but for right now, they are planning to move forward.  I'm glad, because that is always something that is fun to do in October.  It's something that is a staple that we can look forward to.

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I had stopped into Party City too.  And they always have some unique party supplies and costumes.  But this year, they are planning on people stepping up  their Halloween game.  The idea is that there will be many more house parties than people going out to bars for Halloween this year.

There may also be some Halloween parades.  That way you can drive by and see kids in costumes. Or there  may be more of the "trunk and treat" events.  On just a much smaller scale.  Like events that are put on  neighborhood to neighborhood.  That way you can limit the people and keep social distancing protocols.

Another trend that you might see is goodie bags being left on doorsteps by your neighbors.  But everyone is encouraging dressing up in your favorite costumes.  Some of the trends with costumes are probably going to be things like The Tiger King, Wonder Woman, Disney Frozen characters are still popular and Avengers.  As well as the regular scary slasher type of costumes.

Whatever happens in a couple of months...it's going to be a bit different than we are all used to. But I'm sure we will still make it fun for kids and adults.

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