Freebies- and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Really, I do.  There are some restaurants and businesses that will give away some of their product or at least discount off of something fun.  Many times that list is a bunch of places that we don't have in this area.  But this time... well, that is still the case, but there are some that we do have here, or at least in the metro area that we can take advantage of.

These places would also like you to know that it does depend on location for some of these.  In other words, not everyone will be participating.  But most or nearly all will be.

Applebee's.  They have a "ZOMBIE COCKTAIL" for a $1 every day in October.  Where was I when this was announced???  It's non alcoholic, but I'm sure for some extra cash you could add some rum... mmmmm.

(Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

A&W has a Apple Crumble Sundae.  That sound delicious.


Baskin-Robbins:- another one of those that you'd have to go to the metro area for... but they have buck fifty scoops on the 31st to celebrate 31 flavors... get it?

And the list goes on... Have some fun on Halloween!  Little kids and big kids... meaning adults.