Over the years I've observed how Halloween has changed in the years gone by.

I remember putting together a costume out whatever I could find.   Hobo won out most every year. There were no costume stores and most stores might have a mask or two but that was about it.

I never remember my parents taking me trick or treating. Even when I was a micro bop at 4 or 5, we went with our friends. Having parents along would have ruined all our fun. I guess it might have been dangerous but I was a Baby Boomer, so there were lots of kids. Maybe, losing a few here or there wasn't a big deal.

Most every house in my neighborhood and surrounding hoods participated in the

holiday. However, there were those that gave out questionable treats like popcorn balls (enter own joke here)' bruised fruit and some would even just throw a couple pennies in your bag.

And that "razor blade in the apple" scare dates back about 60 years.

Hoping for some fairly nice weather for Halloween. Sucks when kids have to wear coats over their costumes.