It's national nude day today and I hope you're joining me in celebrating it at work! Hopefully I'm not the only one who can get away with this?

Ok, so it's not an "official national day", but it's observed around the world by nudist groups as the day of the year to celebrate!

I totally get why this world would be very interesting if people were allowed to go anywhere naked, and there's no way I can see this changing at this point in time. I can't imagine how much chaos the world would be if that happened for a day.

A quote from a comment on the #NationalNudeDay hash tag on Facebook from Patrick Cronen:

Who fights a war naked? No one. Who gets into a screaming match naked? Not nobody. It's the most natural thing in the world- but then again, it's mankind's greatest plight that we refuse to accept our nature.

Would I go to a nudist beach? You bet I would, and it's on my bucket list! But you can bet I'm going to celebrate it all day today...under my clothes ;)

Enjoy this great day!

Barry nude
Barry Allen celebrating!

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