I had no idea.  I saw this article and looked at the 11 most haunted places in Minnesota.  And one of them is in Litchfield.  That's 14 miles away from where I grew up in Eden Valley.  That's creepy.  I've been by this church like 5000 times.  Never knew it was haunted.

Real American haunted houses are better than those gimmicky Halloween attractions.
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The list of haunted places in Minnesota is all over the state.  It goes from Pipestone, to Roseau.  The one in Litchfield is the Ness Church.  Look at this... and if you want to check it out yourself, there is an address included.

I should have included the house I lived in when we lived in Sartell.  The house itself wasn't haunted, but there was a little girl who was running around the neighborhood. I heard that from someone, and my dog kept barking at "nothing" outside the house.  Turns out a little girl was hit by a car and killed in front of that house some years ago.  That's creepy.

You can check out the entire list here.  Also- if you would like to see the most haunted places around Minneapolis, we have that list for you too.  Take a tour!

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