Do you have a better relationship with your phone than you do with actual people?  The answer to that with me is well, depends on the situation.

Is Your Smartphone Giving You 'Text Neck'?
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When I'm waiting for almost anything it's nice to have that device to take up the otherwise boring time.  Whether it's playing a game (usual) or scrolling through social media, or texting back and forth with a friend, it's a nice time waster.  It's better than looking at the magazines that are usually in waiting rooms that are generally outdated or have been flipped through until they are basically rags.

Woman Uses Smartphone
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But when does it become an issue?  One of my pet peeves is when we go to a restaurant and we get seated and then everyone pulls out their phones and no one is paying any attention to the other people at the table... like the ones they are with!  Why even go out to eat?  Isn't the point to interact with each other and enjoy some food that you didn't have to make?

When is the phone too much?

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