I think if you move around enough, you will eventually end up living next to someone hellbent on making your life miserable. I guess, even if you don't move around a lot, they will find you.

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Years ago, I bought a lake home up by Detroit Lakes.  At first the neighbors on both sides of my place were very nice. But things changed over a matter of a year.

On one side of me was a couple in their 50's. We both just kind of minded our own business.  The typical "hi, how are you" stuff.  One day the lady just started yelling at me because evidently our cat was pooping in her flower bed. Not sure what I could have done about that.

Tired of dealing with these people, we decided to sell our place and be gone. One day when we had a showing scheduled, we left for awhile so the realtor could show the place.

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When we returned we found our neighbor had left piles of cat poop on our step. She must have actually been saving it up. must have made a real good impression on the prospective buyers.

My neighbor on the other side was a semi retired realtor. When we decided to sell, we listed the place with him. In the year we were under contract to him he showed our house zero times. I didn't renew with him and he turned into one of those neighbors from Hell. Luckily our new realtor managed to sell the place rather quickly and we were out of there.

Have you ever had one of those neighbors that just were set out to make your life a living hell?  What did you do about it?

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