Ya know, I love fireworks as much as the next person. I prefer the great fireworks displays put on by the St Cloud Rox or the big fireworks extravaganzas cities put on on the 4th to the amateur, often late at night while I'm trying to sleep mini shows my neighbors seem determined to put on.

Fireworks in Backyard

The drawbacks, of course, are scaring kids and pets or disturbing me while I'm trying to sleep. When you have to get up at 4 AM, you need every minute of sleep you can get.

Apparently, it's not just the St Cloud area that in experiencing an increase in these impromptu fireworks displays. New York City has had 426 more complaints about fireworks this year than at this same time last year. Same with LA, Vegas, Chicago and Boston.

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New Yorkers took it upon themselves to try solve the problem by sitting outside the mayor's mansion, the other night, honking their car horns and keeping the mayor awake. Must have done the trick. The next day the mayor announced he would be cracking down on illegal fireworks.

Speculation is that people have been locked down so long and are just blowing off steam. Also, with less traffic, there is less to drown out the sound of the fireworks.

Also, with social distancing, there are way fewer fireworks displays scheduled this year. So, it seems that people are buying their own. Fewer fireworks displays means there is a lot of industrial stuff out there to buy.  Bulk sales are down this year while retail sales are up.

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