Ok, finally a condiment that I can totally get behind and not be out on the limb saying "gross".  This actually sounds totally good.  How many people request ranch with their fries?  I'm not a huge fan of ranch dressing.... I know, as crazy as that sounds... I'm just not.  BUT I think that ranch dressing mixed with some ketchup sounds absolutely amazing.  Can I get some in bulk?

great use for ketchup bottle
Scott Olson/Getty Images

They are also mixing a few other combinations.  How about Ranch and mustard?  Or mayo and BBQ sauce?  Now if they could do one with BBQ sauce and sour cream??  Then we would be in business!  That actually sounds SO GOOD!


I mean, who doesn't mix a couple of condiments together whenever you are using it as a dipping sauce?  I feel like most people do.  What about sour cream and ketchup?  That might be good too.

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