It's Friday, so you know we have to do Johnny U's lame joke Friday.  He brought in two again this week even though we are through golf season.  So no more golf jokes.  These were two jokes basically about cheaters!


The first one... complete crickets.  The second one... well, that one is just sad.  I mean, I feel like we could have heard those jokes in 4th grade!

Well, to make matters worse for Johnny, C Willi Myles came in today and hung out with us for about 2 hours.  There's an actual comedian.  We were hoping that he would be able to help Johnny out... but no go with that.  Not because Willie wasn't interested, but because Johnny U didn't want to come back into the studio.  I think he knows when he's been beat.

So, next week Johnny U will be back again with another couple of jokes.  At least, we think he will.  And if you are interested in catching Willi live and in person... he will be in Luxemburg tomorrow night (Saturday) at St. Wendelin's School's Mary Hall.  Tickets are available here.