Some of these aren't all the shocking, and some of them you already knew.  There are a few, however that I had never heard before.  So, therefore maybe they are more of the WTF moments...

Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images
Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images

Freddie Mercury:  Probably everyone knows by now that his severe overbite came from having 4 extra teeth,  He also sneaked Princess Diana into a bar by disguising her in an army jacket, hat and sunglasses.

Dolly Parton:  Once entered a drag show as a joke and actually LOST!

Brian May: He has a PhD in astrophysics.

Alice Cooper: He says golf saves him from his demons.

John Deacon: First song written for Queen was called "Misfire" was about premature ejaculation.

David Bowie: This one I just found out recently... his eyes weren't actually 2 different colors.  The difference happened as the result of an accident.  And during the Ziggy Stardust years his diet consisted of red peppers, milk (probably to cut the heat from the pepper), and cocaine.

You can see the entire list here.



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