A typical routine for many people, going to work, may look something like this:

Get up early - take a shower - get dressed - grab some coffee and a quick breakfast -  commute to work (60 minutes average for most people). Then there is the workday followed by the commute home.

Since COVID threw a wrench in many folks' normal routine, there are a lot of people working from home. That might continue after this coronavirus has passed. Many companies say the while they were hesitant to incorporate any at-home working positions; they found out that productivity didn't drop off as they would have thought.

It's not surprising. You would think that quite a few employees would be more productive. They don't have to get up early, spend time getting ready and driving to work, then driving home again. They're less tired, less stressed about traffic issues and they can spend more time with family given all that time they saved.

OverheardonConferenceCalls.com, asked people from all across the country, who work at home, what was their favorite and least favorite thing about it.

Here is what Minnesota said:

Favorite Things

  1. No or reduced commute time 47%
  2. Freedom to take short breaks for a walk, start laundry, tidy up, make a snack, etc. 18%
  3. Monetary savings (from gas, car maintenance, lunches out, professional wardrobe, etc.): 16%


Least Favorite Things

  1. Feeling less connected (less of a bond) to coworkers: 24%
  2. Video calls/video conference calls: 18%
  3. Feeling isolated: 16%

What I found even more fascinating is the study OverheardonConferenceCalls.com did regarding working from home, before COVID.

Find out more about what Minnesotans said and what other states like and dislike at OverheardonConferenceCalls.com

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