I'm surprised every single day by certain people that seem to have no consideration for others on the road. I wonder, "How did they ever get a license in the first place? Were they a good driver at one time, and then as they got more confident, they stopped doing everything imaginable to keep themselves and others safe?"

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Take, for example, my trip to the Wild Game yesterday afternoon. It was still light when we left St. Cloud for the Twin Cities.  Darin (my boyfriend) and I, were driving on Highway 10 from St. Cloud to the cities.  In between St. Cloud and Big Lake, we had an SUV in front of us that switched lanes at least 5 times without using their blinker. That being said, that was just what we counted. We never saw them use their blinker when changing lanes. On top of it, this was around drive time, so it's not like there wasn't anyone on the highway. The road was full of drivers.


We also ran across at least 2 vehicles that forgot to turn their lights on (I'm guessing) after the game, and even on to busy roads. You couldn't even see them in my rearview mirror. One of them disappeared on a highway, and the other one finally used a blinker and turned off on a side road. There was a vehicle right behind them that I'm sure didn't see them at all until they turned their blinker on.

All I can do is remind myself how important it is for ME to be a better driver. There are times when I forget to do something, but after watching this person intentionally choose to drive this way? I don't want to be the reason someone loses a child, a mother, a son, a grandparent.  The news this morning said that 400 people have died in traffic crashes on Minnesota roads this year, which is putting us on pace to seeing the highest number of traffic fatalities in the state since 2007.


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