It's like a Minnesota staple.  Hot dish.  I've told this story before, but I was about 10 or 11  before I knew what "hot dish" was.  My family called it a casserole.  I was invited to someone's birthday party and they said they were going to pass around a "hot dish" for dinner... actually... supper.  We called that evening meal dinner, which was also "wrong".  But anyway, I was wondering what I was supposed to do with a "hot" dish.   And why would we need a "hot" dish.  Turns out, it was what I knew as a casserole.   Well, color me educated!

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Anyway, since that, I have found that I like most "hot dishes" but I still call them casseroles.  Don't judge!  And I've lived in Minnesota for most of my life.  And now, I find this super cool fundraiser where you can try all sorts of dishes, have some yummy artisan bread, cookies and some beer.

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It's the annual beer and goulash festival BrewLash.   It's a fundraiser for the St Cloud Technical and Community College scholarship fund.  Normally this fundraiser is in person and people get to try all different kinds of dishes.  And sample some beer too.  But this year... strange year and all... it's going virtual.  Here's how it's going to work:

  • Pre-order your meal by Thursday, October 15th.
  • Use your ticket number as the payment code
  • pick  up your meal at the Tech College on Thursday, October 22 (next week) between 3 & 7.
  • You can choose to donate your meal to Catholic Charities if you'd like.  St Cloud Technical College will deliver your meal to Catholic Charities if you choose this route.

What  are you getting with your $50 ticket?  SO much food!  One hotdish dinner of your choosing for 4.  It will be frozen.  You will also get one loaf of artisan baked bread, 4 culinary arts sugar cookies, and a 4 pack of craft beers, or 4 non alcoholic beverages or a bottle of wine.  You will also get a commemorative Brewlash 2020 sample glass.

This sounds like such a great deal and for a great cause!  But act fast!  You need to choose and order your meal by this Thursday.

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