These quizzes.... I took this thing and it said that I got 100% correct.  I'm definitely from Minnesota.  Well, duh.  But the thing I've noticed about these quizzes is that it will generally give you the 100% score if you are anywhere near getting all of the questions correct, whether you actually do, or not.  I purposely answered a couple of the questions wrong, and it still said I got 100%.


I also think that you could go a few different ways with the answers and still be ok.  Who writes these things?  And how many incorrect answers can you get before it says you actually got some wrong?  And who's to say that they are incorrect answers?  This is so stereotypical.  When I think of fish and Minnesota it certainly isn't lutefisk, I think of walleye.  Right?  This is just one of the discrepancies that I've noticed,

Take this quiz,  What do you think?  Do you think some of these answers should be changed?

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