Oh yes, Van Halen. Arguable the most drama filled rock band of all time. The Van Halen brothers just can’t seem to get along with lead singers. Either All rock singers are impossible to work with, or the Van Halens have unrealistic standards. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Recently, rumors of a reunion with the original lineup have been surfacing. Diamond Dave has been back in the mix for about a decade at this point, but die hard fans have been eager to see bassist Michael Anthony rejoin the group for a long time.

Given the animosity that the Van Halen brothers have towards Sammy Hagar (who inherited Michael) it seems unlikely that they would incorporate him into their live performance unless they were just trying to sell tickets (which is my guess.) As much of a fan of the original lineup as I am, the way the a true reunion needs to happen is with Sammy Hagar as well.

Anyone who has ever been in the band is a little older and hopefully more mature at this point, and if they were really trying to put on the best show for their fans they would all bury the hatchet for a tour and get along.

I would love to see a show with the Van Halens, Dave, Michael, and Sammy all finally getting along after all the drama that has transpired over the years. It’s pretty unlikely that they will ever get their egos under control enough for that to ever happen, but I can dream can’t I?

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