I don't know how I didn't see this site before, but it's pretty righteous.  It's called Honest Trailer.  And it is basically a parody on the movies that we know and love, and maybe have misunderstood.

How about the Karate Kid.  Daniel was known as the hero in that flick.  But what if he was actually the bully?

I think I can get behind this.  I mean, if you really look at it, what was he doing?  Butting in, and provoking Johnny.  Getting violent before anyone else did.  Maybe Johnny was really defending himself.  Maybe.

Now that Jurassic World- Fallen Kingdom is out, Honest Trailer people have put together their version of Jurassic Park 3.  This is the one with Tea Leoni in it, and it's not great.  BUT when you watch the Honest Trailer, it could have been...  let's do that movie over again with their perspective.

Do you remember Mystery Theatre 3000?  Similar deal.  Commentary during the movie and is completely hilarious.  These trailers kind of remind me of that show,  What ever happened to that show, anyway?  It was awesome... and these are pretty good too.  You can check out all their parody trailers here. 

See you at the movies!



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