I'm sure you heard about this last week- I know I did, and I thought about doing it, but I just didn't want a Whopper that badly.

Burger King offered whoppers for a penny if they went to McDonald's and ordered it through their app while you were there.   A lot of people did it, a lot of apps were downloaded and a lot of burgers were sold.

Here's the issue... it's kind of dirty marketing.  You could just get the burger for a penny if you just downloaded the app and ordered it that way,  But they wanted to kind of sock it to McDonald's, so they made it so you had to be there to order off the app and then get the Whopper at Burger King for a penny

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

One person's order totally backfired and he was charged $1093.91,  That's about $1093.90 more than he should have been charged.  They are trying to work this out. How about this- just pay me back my cash!

That would leave such a bad taste... see ya Burger King!  Byeeeeeeee.