I used to live in an apartment here in St. Cloud, well, a lot of them, actually.  But one complex in particular.  My roommate and I used to wonder if someone would come in there and take things. We were both missing weird stuff...like underwear.  Yeah, I said weird.  She would even set traps... like putting a shoe behind the door when it was closed so that we could see if anyone had been in there- as when you open the door the shoe would move, then you would know if the door had been opened by some unknown person.  So creepy.

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Enter this creepy situation... a student at a college in North Carolina thought she had a ghost in her closet.  Turns out, it was a creepy guy hiding in there trying on her clothes.  I honestly think I would rather have a ghost then some creepy guy.  Good grief!!  I mean, that would be creepy too, but this is creepy on a whole different level.  I'd move, like NOW!  And maybe press some harassment charges, or SOMETHING.

Courtesy of the Guilford County jail

What would you do?