This is one of the cooler things that happen in Minnesota in the Winter.  If you have to live somewhere that is cold for an extended period of time, you may as well embrace it and enjoy the time of year.  Last year the Ice Castles were in Stillwater.  This year it's in Excelsior.  The same stuff will happen... slides, cool caverns and other stuff that you would expect with an event like this.

Photo courtesy of Stillwater Ice Castles/AJ.Mellor
Photo courtesy of Stillwater Ice Castles/AJ.Mellor

Originally it was due to open on January 4th... this coming weekend.  But due to some inconsistent weather, it will open a week later on the 11th.  Tickets are available now, and you can get yours here.  Ticket prices differ in price depending on when you go.  If you can go during the week, you will save a few bucks over going on the busier weekends.

This is an event that is worth going to.  Let's embrace living in the tundra... check out the Excelsior Ice Castles this month.

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