Bars in Anoka are going to start the new year by having an earlier close time.  They are pushing the bar close time back to 1am.  This move is in an effort to hopefully cut down on the crime that is happening so often between those very early morning hours.

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Some of the bar owners aren't sure this is going to help the problem.  There have been comments that it's just going to happen earlier, or just stay the same, or they will just straight up lose business as people will go to where the bars are still open until 2am.

The police dept says that they are working so much overtime because of this issue that happens around bar-close 2am so often.  So often, that it is prompting them to make this move back to quite a few years ago when this was the normal time for bar close.  Remember when people who lived close to the Wisconsin border would just go across to state lines to continue to party until 2am?

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Cheers to a new year... good or bad... Cheers.