This year Ice Castles was scheduled to move back to Stillwater.  But now with having the "wettest year on record" it may have to move to another location. The issue is the St Croix river is already at an elevated level and this might not be the best idea; even though the Stilwater City Council unanimously voted yes to have the attraction back in their city.

Photo courtesy of Stillwater Ice Castles/AJ.Mellor

The solution may be to move the Ice Castles exhibit to Lake Elmo.  This is still in the talking stages, and no final decisions have been of yet.  They are hoping to make this decision within the next week.  And ultimately it will be up to Ice Castles LLC

Ice Castles LLC has been in Stillwater since 2016, but last year it had to be moved to Excelsior because of the Lift Bridge construction and work that was being done in Stillwater.  This year they were hoping to bring it back to Stillwater, but with the water rising on the St. Croix, that option might not work.

Stay tuned....