Last year this exhibit moved from Stillwater to Excelsior.  It was located on the lake, so there were no issues when the ice melted.  This year, it will be moved back to Stillwater where it was 2 years ago.

The Stillwater City Council on Tuesday evening approved an application from Ice Castles Inc. to hold the event at its regular spot in the north end of Lowell Park, near the east end of Myrtle Street.

Along with the construction of the Ice Castles, they will also be responsible for deconstruction and removal.

...the council agreed unanimously to approve the attraction's return for this winter, though notes that it imposed some caveats, including ensuring the final ice sculpture design is signed off by city engineers so it doesn't damage Lowell Park.

The organization also takes responsibility for demolishing the structure and cleaning up the park at the end of the season.

The actual dates haven't been decided as of yet, as they need to wait and see what Mother Nature brings this Winter season.  So, stay tuned...