Flying now days can be a pain. I tend to notice things that could be improved for the benefit of the passengers.

airplane with passengers on seats waiting to take off
Getty Images/iStockphoto

First off, I would load the plane from the back. This would save most of us from having to witness the luxury the smug bastards in first class are getting.

Next, for safety's sake, I would only have planes that had that breakaway fuselage.  You know, where the passenger compartment of the plane breaks away in the event of an impending crash. The fuselage breaks away and is lowered softly to the ground by parachutes.

Probably my biggest beef about flying is carry on luggage. Granted, it costs to check baggage but that circus with the overhead bins is total chaos. i suggest they board the people with carry on first and when they are seated board the rest. When the plane lands the captain can make the announcement "Everyone with no carry on can exit the plane now. Those of you with carry on stay seated".

And finally, if there are empty seats in first class, have a lottery to see who gets to upgrade to first class with the smug bastards.

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