This is kind of a joke... until it isn't.  This woman was getting married.  And she wanted to look her best... what bride doesn't, right?  She apparently was concerned that people would think her bridesmaids were better looking than she was, so she secretly got them to gain weight.  I mean my goodness... maybe don't have bridesmaids???  Maybe just have a MOH and call it a day??  This chick seems a little off the rails.

Here's the best/worst part... her bridesmaids were her sisters.  Ohhhh.... guess what is going to happen to her when her sisters get married.  I would steer clear if I were this chicka.


Here is how she did it... every morning for about a month leading up to the wedding, she would make them smoothies.  She called them "slimming smoothies" and promised that they would all look skinny for the wedding.  Only the ingredients that were added to her sister's smoothies was WEIGHT GAIN powder!  Like the stuff that is normally used by body builders to bulk up.  Good Grief!

This sounds like a piece taken from that movie Tina Fey wrote- Mean Girls.  She was eating "slimming protein bars" only they were the same thing... bulk up stuff.

If I were this bride I'd watch my back.... forever.... family never forgets.

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