It's getting more and more expensive to kill yourself with cigarettes. Seems the price of a pack of your favorite smokes goes up on a regular basis. Aren't smokes running about 9 bucks a pack lately in Minnesota?  At a pack a day, that runs up a yearly tab of almost $3300.

Cigarette Sales Plunge To 55-year Low In 2005
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That makes it a pretty expensive habit but consider it a drop in the bucket compared to Australia's price for a pack of cigarettes.

September 1st, Australia raised the excise tax on cigarettes again for the 2nd time this year. For a regular pack of smokes, you will shell out about 35 dollars. For good name brand smokes, it'll run you closer to $40 a pack.

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So, a pack a day smoker of, let's say the name brand smokes, will end up paying $14,600 yearly to support their habit. That's a big chunk of money.

Many people are moving to vaping nicotine at a yearly estimated cost of around a thousand dollars a year. Quite a difference.

It gets a bit complex though. Most Australian states and territories have different laws regarding the sale of e-cigarettes. Vendors can sell vaporizers and e-cigarettes without nicotine.

Then, a person can legally get a prescription for nicotine in liquid form or get a permit from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to import a personal supply. this being said, it turns out most people just obtain their liquid nicotine illegally.

Would you quit smoking if cigarettes cost $40 a pack in Minnesota?


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