I do have a home. It's just not here in the St Cloud area. I spend 5 days a week here for work and try to get home to my beautiful wife and dog most weekends in Fargo..

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Last week I found out that the people I've been renting a room from are not renewing their lease, so all of a sudden I'm left with no place to stay. i have to be out by this Friday.

What I'm looking for is a room to rent (semi furnished would be nice) with a private bathroom.'

I tend to spend most of my time in my room. I get up early around 4 AM and work until around two in the afternoon. I'm quiet, clean and don't party during the week and try get home most weekends.

If you know of anyone that has a room or cheap studio available, I'd appreciate a heads up. I can be reached at baxter@1037theloon.com

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