It's that time of year where you are just driving along, minding your own business when all of a sudden BOOM, you hit a huge pothole. Some are worse than others and some can actually damage your car. The term "pothole came about centuries ago, when the streets of Europe were all made of clay. When there was a heavy rain, people would dig the soft clay up to make pots and stuff, leaving a gaping hole in the street. Thus the term "pothole". See, you learned something today. Anyway, I want to start my own Pothole Patrol and I wish to deputize every Loon listener.. It's easy, just comment on where you encountered one of these bastard potholes and we will send a list to City Hall. I'm sure after sitting on our recommendations for awhile, they'll get right on fixing them. Pretty sure they have a waiting period to fix stuff. If they jumped right on these tasks, that would set a dangerous precedent. So let us know and together we can conquer the gaping canyons on the street and all drive around happy. I'll start. There's a pothole on the right Eastbound lane around 4th Ave & East St Germain that just about tips my car over..

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