If you watch a movie- actually any movie where there is a hero and a villain, do you ever agree more with the villain?  I do find it happening sometimes when I watch shows where the main character, or lead, or main goodie two shoes person is so sickeningly sweet and overly goodie goodie that I find myself almost rooting for the so-called villain.

Justice League Christian Bale back as Batman
Warner Bros.

The number one movie villain-that you should agree with is Henri Ducard in Batman Begins.  Otherwise known as Ra's al Ghul.  This guy was played by Liam Neeson.  He wanted to rid Gotham of the horrible people.  Batman/Bruce Wayne stopped him from doing that and saved everyone... only now he has a lot of crime stopping to do on his hands.  Maybe Ra's should have succeeded with his plan??? Maybe not being that a lot of innocent people would have perished along with the bad guys.  So, ya know.  But you can see where that was going, right?

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