What is the best small town in Minnesota?  And also, what makes it the best small town in Minnesota?  There is a website that is naming the best small towns in every state.  I could argue that some states have more than one great small town, but this site is just naming what they think is the best in each state.

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For Minnesota- Grand Marais makes the list for the best small town.  Grand Marais is very  far North, and basically on the Canadian border.  Population is about 1300+.  It was established in the 1700s  and is surrounded mostly by land, but is right on Lake Superior.  It's a cute little town. Why they consider this town as the best in MN is because of the location, and it's really scenic.  There are also some beer and wine tastings to enjoy while you're there.

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I have been to Grand Marais.  It is a cute, quaint town.  But the biggest thing I noticed was the lack of cell phone signal.  Although this was a few years ago, let's hope they have fixed that issue since then.  The town does have some ma and pop restaurants and little shops.  One of my favorite things about small towns.  Going to restaurants and shops to find things that you can't really find in other cities.

As far as what's the best small town in MN, Grand Marais is good, but I would say that there are a few others that could qualify.  Stillwater is one, but with a population just shy of 20K, maybe it's considered to large.  I would also consider Red Wing to be one of the best.  Unique pottery shops around the area is definitely a draw.  And also Wabasha.  This is one of the cutest little towns in Minnesota in my opinion.  Also, the town featured in the Grumpy Old Men movies.

Wherever you are in Minnesota, check out some of these small towns.  Most of them have something unique as a claim to fame.

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