I  think this is something that we could all use this year.  2020 has been trying...to say the least, and we could all use some "Happy Little Clouds" Bob Ross style.

Hasbro Plus
Hasbro Plus

I think about  Bob Ross as something that I would  happen by just flipping through channels and there he would be with his easel, paints, bushy, curly hair and his positive attitude.  He was just so calming to watch.  He passed away in 1995, and it seems like it was only a few years ago.  Maybe his show lived on??

Anyway, I think we could all use some of his  "calm".  And this just might be it.  Bob Ross Monopoly is coming.  The ironic thing is that I think of Monopoly as one of the most irritating games from my childhood.  It usually ended up with someone  flipping  the game board and all of the pieces go flying.  The travel magnetic one was great for that  one...  here ya go, still all in place.

There are going to be some differences in the Bob Ross version.  When you hop around the board you won't be getting properties.  You will collect painting supplies.  You also won't have the traditional game pieces.  You will instead have a squirrel, tree, owl, easel, fence or a paint palette.  And the cards that you draw will now be "Happy Little Accident" cards.

If you are interested in purchasing a Bob Ross Monopoly game, it will be available on September 18.  You can pre-order your copy here.  Maybe start thinking about holiday gift giving.

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