So, everyone is getting into the hard seltzer game.  I even saw that Pabst Blue Ribbon now has a hard coffee.  And it's delicious, by the way.  Just kind of high in calories.

But, onto the hard seltzers. Corona has a couple of them to choose from. But the variety pack (I always get the variety pack at first purchase-lots of choices) has 4 different flavors.  And actually, they are all quite good.  Albeit some are better than others.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud

Mango- it's ok.  Like I'm not sure that I would buy this flavor on it's own, but in the variety pack, it's ok.  There are only like 3 of those in the pack, so it's fine.

Blackberry Lime- This one is really good.  Of course when I tried it, I'm like "Hey, this one will be my go-to!

Cherry- Ok...DELICIOUS!  I thought that the Blackberry Lime would be my go to until I tried the cherry one.  If you like anything cherry, this will be a safe bet for you. It's light and refreshing.  Drink up!!

Finally, the fourth flavor in the variety pack is Tropical.  Tropical.  Not a huge fan of anything that reminds me of the way tanning lotion smells, but maybe that is your thing. If you like Pina Coladas and things like that- you will probably like this one.

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The thing that I most like about these, and most of the other hard seltzers is that they are generally pretty low in the calorie count. These have 90 calories.  That's on the low end of the hard seltzers.  Some have 100-110. But still, that is pretty low. They also carry about a 4.5% ABV.  No carbs.  No sugars.  Better than beer in that way.

Happy summer (almost)- stay healthy!


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