Friday.  Generally that means a Lame Joke Friday with Johnny U.  This morning was no different.  He waltzed into the studio loaded with 2 jokes in hand.


The first one was an address from the Dean of a College.  What you can and cannot do.  What is expected, and then it took an unexpected turn.

The second joke is a "Little Johnny Joke". Yes, insert your own joke there.  But you know how Little Johnny is... you start off with a very unoffensive joke and wind up with Little Johnny and his sidewinder brand of humor.  Little Johnny  Jokes are always sort of "dirty".  And this one is no different.

Take a listen:

Now, I do  realize that the very beginning of the first joke was cut off.  All it was, was the Dean of students addressing the students with what you heard.  You still get the gist of the joke.

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The second one... Little Johnny Jokes.  If you had a "little johnny" in your class, wouldn't you want to just take him home and have him learn some better manners?  I mean, really!  Little Johnny would be paddled every other day in our house growing up.

Johnny (Not little Johnny) says he will be back again next week with some other awful jokes.  So, mark your calendars!  Friday morning  he will be back right around 7:35am.  So that should work.  You will get your joke fix for the day.  Share with your friends!  It's fun for the whole family!

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