Here we go- not even September yet and there is pumpkin spice everything.  This is the earliest that Starbucks has ever released pumpkin spice.  And why??  Is it really necessary?  I do realize that it's cold this week.  It's not even out of the 60s... at least so far today.  Good Grief- it was just like 90 and humid!

I will admit that I like Fall.  It's my favorite season.  Mostly because it's pretty... fall colors, I like hoodie weather, and I like hot chocolate, hay rides, Halloween stuff, Fall decor, you know, that stuff.  BUT I don't like that it leads to Winter.  Yuck.

Another Major Winter Snowstorm Strikes U.S. East Coast
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But with that said, it all has it's place, and it's too early to have all the Fall stuff.  Not even all the kids have gone back to school yet!  C'mon people!  We would like to at least kind of finish out Summer.  No rushing the season.  And there are just some foods that have no business being pumpkin spice.  I get that some companies would like to take advantage of a fad that happens each Fall.  But some of these should not be pumpkin spice. 


Pumpkin Spice

Personally, I don't like pumpkin spice Oreos.  I LOVE Oreos.  They are my favorite cookie.  So stop ruining them!  They are good as regular cookies in the regular flavor.  Cereals- NO!  Dog treats???  Really??  No.  There are 65 in that list that I posted above.  Some are ok as pumpkin spice.  Teas, ok.  Some other Fall-ish things, fine.  I really have to draw the line at dog treats.  That's just stupid.


How's your pumpkin spice?  Like?  Don't like?

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